I'm Cliff Matthews, a professional programmer since 1978 and contractor since 1985.

I earned my MSCS from the University of New Mexico in 1985, applied to UC Berkeley's Ph.D. program, didn't get in, and returned to industry.

In 1989, I founded Abacus Research & Development. We wrote a clean-room reimplementation of the Macintosh ROM and portions of Mac OS.

At ARDI, I got interested in poker. Mat Hostetter's keen insight led the two of us to writing what was then the world's fastest poker hand evaluator (footnotes 113 & 114 on p. 44).

On Halloween 1998, I wrote the core of "multibot", the first internet server to deal multi-table poker tournaments. I sold multibot to Poker School Online who were eventually bought by PokerStars.

Multibot was Objective-C, without a framework, just the GNU Objective-C runtime. Multihreaded, using epoll it was very efficient. However, when PSO upgraded to a dual processor, they had an unexplained crash. Wow. I discovered a race condition in the Objective-C runtime.

In 2006, I co-founded Stolen Bases LLC, a Ruby on Rails shop. Although headquartered in Manhatten, I put together a development team in Albuquerque. In 2009, E-Line Media bought Stolen Bases.

Since then, I've been doing business as devctm, a name meant to imply that I'm a coding "machine". However with almost all of my recent work in private repositories, I don't have much code to show. On the other hand, I started running in 2009 and have participated in many running events, so perhaps we can stipulate that I'm a running machine and that I am driven.

This site is a tiny Rust program using actix, maud and rsass.

Availability and Rates

My rate for Ruby is $200/hr.

My rate for Rust is $100/hr. through September 30th, 2019.

If interested, please email