I'm Cliff Matthews, a professional programmer since 1978. I've been an independent consultant since 1985. This is my "Cobbler's children's shoes" web-site.

After getting my MSCS from the University of New Mexico in 1985, I applied to the Ph.D. program at Berkeley. My plan was to spend a single year in industry if I didn't get accepted to UCB. I wasn't accepted, but I had too much fun, so never returned to academia.

In 1989 I founded Abacus Research & Development. We did a clean-room reimplemntation of the Macintosh ROM and portions of Mac OS. Technically what we did was very advanced, but I wasn't a good CEO. Consequentially, I occasionally turned to consulting to fund ARDI. I was and am a good consultant.

In 2006, I co-founded Stolen Bases LLC. I put together a team in Albuquerque to build and maintain SBLLC's Ruby on Rails apps. In 2009, E-Line Media bought Stolen Bases and dissolved the Albuquerque office.

In theory, devctm was to be a company to support myself and a couple other former SBLCC employees until I founded my next company. In reality, Marcia Edgar helped me put this site together and immediately thereafter, in November 2009, I took a consulting gig at Jackrabbit Systems. JRS liked me so much that they kept me as a consultant through March 2015.

So, this site somewhat documents my talents and activities. I'm excellent at infrastructure design and implementation, but have no artistic talent. Marcia is a quick graphic artist who understands standards and tests her work with both automated and manual tests on multiple platforms. She works well with programmers, but is not in the market for more work. I am.

Availability and Rates

My rate is $200/hr. Sometimes I choose to work for less.
If interested, please email